ACT Database

The ACT Network has a next generation data portal called ACT_MATOS. This database is a secured way to archive acoustic telemetry data and match transmitter detections between researchers. This database is an Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) affiliated node meaning it is connected with other OTN nodes, such as OTN and the FACT Network.

Researchers create a publicly available project page where they have the ability to set visibility permissions regarding the raw data uploaded to their project page.  To upload metadata to the network, members are provided a standardized template with specific required fields (downloaded from the database portal website). After a researcher uploads their raw metadata and detection files onto the portal, metadata is proofed and run through varies quality control scripts as it is inserted into the database. The database stores deployed transmitter metadata, acoustic array deployment locations and time frames, and raw receiver download .vrl files. 

Find the database portal here - ACT_MATOS database portal