Benefits of joining the network

Collaboration! ACT serves as bridge to connect researchers, their arrays, and their tagged animals. With over 18,900 tags deployed, ACT helps link the unknown codes on your receiver download to a researcher, allowing everyone to get the most out of every tagged individual.  Data sharing is automated with the latest ACT_MATOS database and connected with the neighboring FACT Network, Ocean Tracking Network and other global nodes, increasing the efficiency of telemetry research while maintaining appropriate data privacy. In order to provide this researcher collaboration, we require our members to abide by our membership guidelines.

Standardized Metadata! Members are asked to use a set of templates when uploading data to the database or the dropbox. Standardized data streamlines analysis for the community.

Discounts! As a part of the ACT Network, members have access to Innovasea discounts for purchasing new equipment.  Membership discounts are published annually and membership needs to be verified.  Please contact for additional details.